Mad Tea Party !!!!

Marvellous Mad Madame Mel was in a gloomy mood, for the weather was not on her side.

Today is the day of the Mad Tea Party and I had planned on looking for a rabbit hole to journey down, to join the March hare and the Hatter for tea, but it is looks so gloomy outside from the attic window.

 I had even dressed for the occasion, wearing my magic ice cream socks, and finest lace. Oh I do Wish I could join the party, for it is also a special day today, for it is My Un-birthday !!

But as I turned around what should I find ???

 The house fairies must have heard and granted wish for there was an indoor tent picnic tea party
 just for us !!

 "And about time too, you're almost late" came a voice which I could have swore came from Flopsy.

 Curiouser and curiouser.

Oh what a lovely spread, where shall we begin? would you like some tea?

milk with that?

There you go.

Ohhh cucumber sandwiches, how refined.

And fairy cakes? Don't mind if I do, thank you.

You should try one, they are very good.

Here have a sugar biscuit, there is plenty to go round.

More Tea !!! you simply must have more tea !

"hello mum, could I join you too ? "

"Of course you can poppy, the more the merrier"

"hey mum the food looks yummy, can I have some? "

"OK lets see. Scones next I think"

"We had better leave one for the mister"

Butter and homemade raspberry jam too i think.

That's better

"There you go. You know I almost named you Dinah when we brought you home to live with us, wouldn't that have been appropriate ? "

"Humph, no I think not,
 and those scones have sultanas and nutmeg in,
I can smell it, you know I don't like nutmeg"

" Oh dear, I am sorry Poppy, here have some butter instead"

"Nom, Nom"

"Thanks mum, yummy butter"

Thank you all for joining me at my tea party, hope you enjoyed the tea and food. Now I am off to indulge in a spot of reading and writing as the house fairies also left me a couple of good books and a journal.
And don't forget to join Vanessa at a fanciful twist and everyone else in their tea parties here:

An Invitation

You are all cordially invited to join myself and everyone else joining in with Vanessa's Mad Tea party later today, don't be late :)


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