More charity shop bargains

I really do love our charity shops up here on Orkney, you really can snag some bargains. for example, my straighteners which I have had for years and don't use that often, were finally on the way out, the ceramic was cracking which is not good, but I remembered seeing a pair of slimline straighteners a few days earlier in one of the charity shops, so whilst in town a went back. Low and behold they were still there with a £2 price tag, a bargain. Even more of a bargain when I went to the till and the man decided they were worth less and only charged me 50p :)
 Also since moving up here I have grown to love my boots, especially long ones with fur in them. My last pair I managed to snag for 50p like new, and since then I always keep an eye out for more, as I have very large broad feet, and shoes for me are not cheap. Anyway I found these for just £1 so very pleased, and they have a nice solid deep sole on them for trudging up and down our muddy drive to walk down to the main road for the bus :)


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