lilies cages

The weather has been glorious here the past couple of day, yesterday afternoon being so warm that after a couple of hours i had to retire to the house as it was just too warm, we seem to have acclimatised to Orkney temperatures, i ma fairly sure when family are visiting in a couple of weeks they will be saying they are cold :)

 I had cut some branches from our trees a few days ago and have been using them to make various things.
Trees are scarce up here, so it would be a crime not to use all prunings in some useful way.
I constructed these two cage like structures yesterday for the Turks hat/head lilies we have in the front garden, they tend to fall over as they are so tall and heavy, and thought these would look much nicer than last years "piece of twine wrapped round a piece of old pallet affair"
I have also cut a stout branch for a new staff, another for a broom pole, two shaped branches for making woven flags, and another two for making whimsical chandeliers.
i have a buckets full of small prunnings left over from making the cages which will go on a pile to dry out for kindling, and john wants the remaining chunky branches for 'ornamental logs' for the fire place.
plus i have a pile of twiggy branches for pea supports, an i am only half way through the pile :)
 Unfortunately the weather turned late yesterday afternoon and the Har rolled in ( think salty sea fog), and although the har is gone this morning, it is a damp cloudy day, a day for inside tasks. luckily I have plenty to be getting on with as there is less than 3 weeks till the wedding and so far have no dress, no food planned, no decor, no cake, no flowers decided upon, not finalised to ceremony wording, not wrote my vows......
hmmm.... i think i will go hem some curtains :)

Fabric rosettes

Several weeks ago, Cami over at youseriouslymadethat did a fab tutorial on making fabric hair rosettes and a knew I had to give it a go, these were super fabby quick and easy, and a great way of using up scraps of fabric you love left over from other projects.
I decided to make two of different sizes/

 The larger one, I glue gunned a hair clip on the back to use in my hair of attached to a buttonhole etc

 And the smalled I attached a safety pin, for wearing as a mini corsage. Aren't they cute :)

Baby Lambs and Wedding Dresses

 Over the past week there have been lambs born to the farm behind us. the paddock beside our garden seems to be used as a nursery field for the newborns and their mums, as was the case last year, so at the beginning of the week we had numbers 1 through 6, we now have in the low 20's.
The lambs are so adorable, you can hear the babies calling for their mums when they get lost, and watch them bouncing around through the window.

 As for the wedding plans? well my dres fabric arrived and it was awful, truly eek, even john thought so, back to searching for fabric again. must get some things made today though.

wedding dress peek and roundup

I have been super bad at posting on my blog lately, i think it is as i am so tired at the end of the day that i simply cant be bothered, plus my days seem to have very little to blog about, so i have decided to try blogging in the mornings even if it is about the day previous, before the work begins.

I have been working my little socks off the past couple of weeks, making wedding plans, painting the bathroom, gardening, and making a trial run wedding dress, to name but a few things, here is a sneaky peek at my dress (not the finished article i might add) made from a duvet cover as a trial run, very pleased with it but still waiting for the fabric i have ordered off ebay to arrive to make the real one.

well must get on, should finish the bathroom painting today, just need john to fit the new toilet seat tomorrow and its done (not that i cant fit a toilet seat, i can, i have before, but is a gross job, so he can do it lol)


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