All Change in Chicken Land

It's been all change here in chicken world, the second clutch of chick were moved out of the upstairs brooder into the smallest chook house yesterday afternoon, giving them there first taste of the wild Orkney outdoors.

To hand over the keys to their new abode, the previous residents needed to be upgraded to their new digs, the large movable chook shed, giving us the perfect time to start introducing them to the oldest birds. 
For the next week or so their shed and run are inside the chicken land run, giving everyone a chance to get used to one another, then the fun of integration for the birds we are keeping begins

And at only 9 weeks old, and can barely believe how huge they have already grown!!

Art as a Form of Therapy

 Therapy can come in many forms,
and for me that therapy comes from working with my hands.

Sometimes I work with fibre, spinning a piece of art from a heap of fleece which at a glance looks like nothing, feeling the texture slip through my fingers as the repetitive treadling and spinning of the wheel lulls you in a form of meditation.

At other times the therapy takes the form of crocheting, taking a beautiful hank of yarn and turning it into an item which can then be seen in all it's beauty, no longer the ball or hank stashed away in a cupboard.

A cake baked a therapy twice over, the creating and the eating.

 My current therapy choice is working with wires and stone, crystals and shells, keeping both my hands and my mind busy whilst we nurse our Poppy cat back to health.

Just over a week ago we thought her card was up and she spent several days in the vets, trying to get enough fluids in her as her kidneys are in a bad way. But she seems to have pulled on a reserve 10th life and is steadily making progress.

So I raise my cup of tea in a toast to vets, the many lives of cats,
and Art as a form of therapy.


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