That Writer's Habit

I would like to say life has been pretty busy around here lately as an excuse for my blogging absence, but that wouldn't be the whole truth.
Life has been busy but no more than normal, winter hibernation has also had a hand in things but I guess it is just a case of falling out of the habit. It is hard to come back to the blog after a long gap, strange as surely it would be harder to keep blogging week after week, finding the inspiration to write, but I think the habit of writing is what is most important.

I have been up to blog worthy endeavours lately it is true, I have been ploughing my time into expanding my Etsy store with naturally dyed sock yarn (can't wait to list those), and been posting more about that on Instagram.

We are also getting ready to breed our own meat birds from our established flock rather than buying in hatching eggs this year, we are crossing our Indian Game hens with both our buff orpington and Welsummer cockerels to see which we prefer, and perhaps breeding some cream legbars after that to sell on.

I'm also trying to get through some of my fabric stash making my own clothes, I've got so much filling up the old caravan earmarked for specific projects, and I need the space as I am turning said caravan into a dyeing studio for my work (think vintage style).

These are just a few of the things I've been upto lately amongst others but that's enough to be going on with for today, hopefully I will now be able to get back into that writers habit.


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