While the weather was good last week, we managed to get up to Yesnaby clifs for a walk one evening hunting for the elusive 'Primula Scotia'. Unfortunately we didn't managed to find any, but we did see carpets of Thrift AKA Sea pinks.
And in the short clipped grassy fields, carpets of beautiful pale lilac coloured Sea Squil.
We also spotted a fairy ring of toadstools surounding this hummock of grass.
An if you want to know what a Primular Scotia looks like when you do find one:

More cushions

I seem to be getting a cushion cover addiction, not that i am buying them of course that would be a waste of money and unnecessary. I've been making them, it is so easy. For example the latest addictions were knocked up in the space of a couple of hours, and I'm really not a sewing expert. the design came from Cath kidson's Sew book,with my own fabric used. The blue panels were made from a fabric remnant I picked up in the fabric shop months ago for just 50p. And the blue background is from an old valance sheet, the blues work together so well.

Also my weekly trip to the big city yielded a few more charity shop bargains, anyone would think me a shopaholic, nevermind. Acquired a replacement Pyrex kenwood chef bowl for £1.50 to replace the one i broke just before i moved up here. And a stainless steel swan roasting tray which is funny because a few days ago whilst washing dishes and scrubbing my old roasting tray I was thinking to myself "i would never have another of these coated roasters that you cant give a really good scrub with a metal scourer, I will have a stainless steel one" and low and behold one turns up, for all of £1, psychic moment :)Also some bits for the spare room for when its finished, the vase and the candlestick were out of the 20p box, as was the glass bottle which will go in the bathroom, the french "room" sign will be for the spare room door most likely, and cost 50p, although the original price on the back is in euros so perhaps it was bought in France on someones holidays.


The other day there was an arial display including and old spitfire flying over us, although I only managed to catch these 2 pics, they were fab to see.

Bolster cushions

Ive started to make a load of cushions to go on the bed in what will be the spare room, but which is currently ours. The first are these bolster cushions.
The pillow forms I made out of old feather pillows sewn up with strong thread.

New Skylights

Thankfully the weather this weekend was perfect for installing the new skylights we bought for the loft, I always feel sorry for the postie when we order things like windows and radiators from screwfix as the postman has to deliver them in the back of his little van, it was very funny when the new hot water tank was ordered.
Anyway John spent most of the weekend on the roof removing slates and these old rusted steel framed windows. We now have three nice new double glazed windows in the roof for when the loft is used as spare rooms. Give john a Gold Star.

Aprons and Aquilegia

Been really busy the past few days, both on the crafting front and the garden, when the weather permits. Finished off a full length apron for baking days for myself as I am so messy in the kitchen.
In the garden, the aquilegia is finally flowering. they are self seeded but a beautiful deep violet colour.
Also John has been making me some raised beds to put my herb seedlings in this year. The garden is so big and been left unused for so long , it will take us years to get it under control.


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