Bolster cushions

Ive started to make a load of cushions to go on the bed in what will be the spare room, but which is currently ours. The first are these bolster cushions.
The pillow forms I made out of old feather pillows sewn up with strong thread.


  1. Hello there :-)
    Your covers are really striking - nice placing of the stripes on the ends. And I do like to see an old feather pillow put to good use - you ARE clever!
    Alice....your neighbour in the north isles ;-)

  2. hi, thankyou alice :)
    waving across the water to you :)
    I think i watched indiana jones when i was younger too much and had to one day have bolsters on my bed like in one of the movies lol
    plus between the me and my other half we seem to have aquired a rediculous amount of pillows when we put our two household together.



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