Recycled paper hearts

I don't usually decorate for valentines but I saw this idea here : for paper hearts and thought it was cute.
After running around all over looking for some suitable paper ( although I make cards occasionally, i am not a scrap booker so it isn't something I keep around the house normally), I found an old gift bad my Nana had sent me a gift in.
I then proceeded to butcher it :) the pretty pink cord has now gone in my sewing basket, and iron it (yes I am that crazy woman who irons old wrapping paper to use again).
I then cut the paper into strips and folded and stapled them into hearts (you can see how to in the link above).
 And popped them in an empty goldfish bowl :)  These bowls are fab, I have two of them from the charity shop, and can be used to display all sorts, at Christmas this one was filled lights and the glass gold baubles out of the reach of cats :)

oooohh Gino

We don't have a tv so didn't see this yesterday morning, Gino d'campo cooking Naked, but I saw it on YouTube today and it was hilarious.

Also todays ( going round my head all day ) song.

My first ever skein

Yesterday was day two of my fibrecraft class where I am learning to spin, and this is what I brought home with me,my first skein of wool !!
I am really pleased with it, and with finally finding a skill which comes naturally to me :)
I am learning to spin on an Ashford traditional wool, which is gorgeous and easy to use, unfortunatly the cost around £280  !!!
Off to convince John that I NEED one for an early christmas present :)

I love to spin !!

Well after my first fibre craft class where I am learning to spin, I love it, i go to bed thinking about it and can't wait till next week !!  Seem to have a knack for it and can't wait till I have spun enough to actually crochet something. Sooo many ideas running round my head now,such as dying my own fleece and being able to spin wool from our own goats eventually, I feel like a jumping bean and am boring John to bits with videos on YouTube and descriptions of how a spinning wheel works lol.

Off to my first spinning class

Wow, there goes the resolution to post more often, but i haven't had a thing to write about.
but today i am posting from the library as i am off to my first day of a fibre craft course where i hope to learn to SPIN, yeay :)

Wristies and Catastophies

Well I am off to a flying start as far as crafting is concerned. After weeks of making gifts for christmas I finally made something just for me, these cute wristies. I used the pattern from here: but substituted wool from my ever increasing stash. It makes up for the frustrating day i am having today. First i tried to do a five minute job of changing the back ground on my blog, which turned into an hours job of fixing said blog, it's still not right tho.
Then John called to say Birsay farmers, the only supplier of chook food in Orkney is closed till Monday, which is a disaster as we ran out of pellets yesterday due to us not realising in advance that they would be closed over the entire 2week Christmas and new year holiday, definitely stocking up in future.
And this evening the washing machine wont spin, AAGGHHHH, just hope it isn't caput, I don't want to be washing clothes by hand all winter like last year as we still have no running hot water :(


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