Recycled paper hearts

I don't usually decorate for valentines but I saw this idea here : for paper hearts and thought it was cute.
After running around all over looking for some suitable paper ( although I make cards occasionally, i am not a scrap booker so it isn't something I keep around the house normally), I found an old gift bad my Nana had sent me a gift in.
I then proceeded to butcher it :) the pretty pink cord has now gone in my sewing basket, and iron it (yes I am that crazy woman who irons old wrapping paper to use again).
I then cut the paper into strips and folded and stapled them into hearts (you can see how to in the link above).
 And popped them in an empty goldfish bowl :)  These bowls are fab, I have two of them from the charity shop, and can be used to display all sorts, at Christmas this one was filled lights and the glass gold baubles out of the reach of cats :)


  1. I love these hearts! So simple but so pretty. I also love the big bowl to display them, what a fab find!
    I think I might be giving these a try later.

  2. Ooh I like very simple and very effective and the bowl - I have just broken one very similar to that - thats the way the cookie crumbles drat it!

    Take care



  3. Ooer! I must be crazy too - I even iron tissue paper and brown paper to use again LOL
    alice (from up and over a bit :-) )

  4. Yep! I remove the cords from those gift bags, the ones I don't keep to reuse. These go back and to from my Mum to me. (Son doesn't believe in re-using!) I save good wrapping paper too and tissue paper, in fact whatever I can. (note: WHY is my house so cluttered?)

    I love the hearts, what an original idea.



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