Wristies and Catastophies

Well I am off to a flying start as far as crafting is concerned. After weeks of making gifts for christmas I finally made something just for me, these cute wristies. I used the pattern from here: http://tinyowlknits.blogspot.com/2010/01/rosy-wristlettes-free-pattern-for.html but substituted wool from my ever increasing stash. It makes up for the frustrating day i am having today. First i tried to do a five minute job of changing the back ground on my blog, which turned into an hours job of fixing said blog, it's still not right tho.
Then John called to say Birsay farmers, the only supplier of chook food in Orkney is closed till Monday, which is a disaster as we ran out of pellets yesterday due to us not realising in advance that they would be closed over the entire 2week Christmas and new year holiday, definitely stocking up in future.
And this evening the washing machine wont spin, AAGGHHHH, just hope it isn't caput, I don't want to be washing clothes by hand all winter like last year as we still have no running hot water :(


  1. I love the wristlets.
    Do hope you get the washing machine to work, not the weather to be washing by hand!

  2. Those are gorgeous, amazing colours.
    Hope you get the 'magic' machine fixed very soon x

  3. thankyou :) i am pleased with them, in the pattern they were pink but i didn't have any pink, besides i much prefere slightly greyed out colours or rather they suit me better.

    luckily the washing machine wasn't broken, i had washed two of john's padded shirts and they were making the drum off balance and not spin.
    Not like last year, we moved up in the autumn and only had a tempory kitchen set up in the lounge, no plumbing meant no washer, and just a bucket under a kitchen sink for a drain. Hand washing jeans in the bath not fun in winter :( finally got tempory plumming after the easter lol



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