Have yourself a merry little christmas .....

It's Christmas Eve, can you believe it, whoohooo !!!!

Yesterday me and John spent the afternoon making mince pies and decorating christmas cakes.
I have been sooo busy this month that i have been terrible at updating my blog. Hopefully in the new year i will make a point of posting more often, and more going on as we up the veggie growing and crafts :)


  1. Oh lovely yummies there Mel! Have a lovely Christmas x

  2. Oh wow, lovely cakes and pies, am wishing I was there to sample such delights!

  3. thankyou :) hope you both had a fab christmas :)

  4. Hi, just to say again, I'm enjoying your blog. My best friend is Pagan so I find it very interesting.

    Are you going to stay in Orkney? It looks fabulous.

  5. thankyou anne :)

    i hope we do stay here in orkney, it is beautiful here, although it can be quite lonely sometimes out here in the sticks in winter. btw i have serious bike envy :)



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