Elderflower Recipe Round-up

Summer is finally in full flow here in Orkney and with that comes the late flowering of our Elder trees which are covered in an abundance of blossom this year.
Now I am on the hunt for ways to use them whilst I can, as the berries never set due to our high winds in September.
So follows my round-up of recipes from around Pinterest to give a try...

These Elderflower Ice Pops from The Greedy Vegan

I love Lemon cake to begin with but adding Elderflowers sound gorgeous,
here is the recipe from Daisy and the Fox

Elderflower and Lime curd from A Recipe For Gluttony

A variation on Turkish Delight from River Cottage

Orange and Elderflower Liqueur from Things We Make

Elderflower Jelly from The Greedy Vegan

And of course My own bloggy offering for Elderflower Cordial :)


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