Imbolc Activities - Creating New Candles from Old

The other day on the blog I mentioned that the season of Imbolc, or Candlemas would begin in a few days, and I thought yesterday to make a brief video of one of the activities I would be doing as part of my preparations.

So if you would like to see a rare video of me chatting about candles feel free to click on the video below :)

Spring comes a peeping

A quick nip into the garden during a break in the weather and we already find evidence of mother nature waking up from her winter slumber, although it is still a slow sleepy waking, like a cold weekend morning when there is nowhere pressing you need to be.

The festival of Imbolc, or Candlemas is only a few days away now and after a couple of weeks of slowly getting back into a routine and enjoying the hibernation feeling of that post-holiday madness, I feel ready to start putting forth my own fresh new growth.

Like the snowdrops just peeking through the snow
 it is time to begin.

A fresh and Marvellous New Start

 Often the longer it has been since you have done something, the longer you then leave it to begin again, making it even longer since you did it and even harder to start and so on.

I'm not sure what happened to my blogging, I sort of took some time off during the summer months when the boys were visiting, and then found it really hard to get back into the flow of writing again, it seemed so much easier to just do something else all the time.

 Sort of like when you haven't exercised for a while for whatever reason, and then it seems like so much effort to begin again.

Also I kind of felt like I had lost my blogging way, my purpose, till I remembered that blogging had simply been a way to share with the world my musings, what we are doing in our little corner of the world, and what I am currently creating.

Also I felt as if I wasn't really being me online, not really sharing the stuff we were doing as much as I had been, and also avoiding talking about certain stuff, not out of any sense of lack of privacy, more just because it didn't fit in with what I thought the blog's 'content' was about, hmm.

Well stuff that, it's my blog and I will share whatever speaks to me, inspires me and what I am thinking, warts and all.

So here's to a fresh New Year, lets make it a Marvellous one !!!!


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