My first ever skein

Yesterday was day two of my fibrecraft class where I am learning to spin, and this is what I brought home with me,my first skein of wool !!
I am really pleased with it, and with finally finding a skill which comes naturally to me :)
I am learning to spin on an Ashford traditional wool, which is gorgeous and easy to use, unfortunatly the cost around £280  !!!
Off to convince John that I NEED one for an early christmas present :)


  1. Wow, what fab wool!
    And how great are you, getting to grips with it so quickly. I was lucky enough to be given a wheel by DH as an early christmas present but still trying to get my head round it. Mind you I need to divert a little time away from my current craftings.
    Lovely to have come across your blog, will bookmark to see how you get on ;-)

  2. thanks rebecca :)
    so envious of you having your own wheel :)
    btw loving your stashbusting on your blog, trying to get through my own, can't seem to leave a charity shop without more lol

  3. I love your wool, what a fab way to spend a day, it must be very relaxing too. I am sure you can convince John of your early christmas needs, after all, its best to be prepared hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I know just what you mean about the log! (must re watch that film, fab!)

  4. Well done, that looks fantastic. Oh yes, go convince him that you NEED one !! :)



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