Scavenger Hunt - January

Kathy over at postcardsfromthepp is doing a photographic scavenger hunt this year, each month you get a list of 12 subjects to take a pic of, I have come a little late to the table on this one, so my pics are a little rushed, but here is January's list and my pics :)

 (1) An Abandoned Building : this is one of the many remaining buildings of the former Royal Navy Airbase at Twatt and is just across the field from us. I am not sure what it was used for but the list of remaining building and their locations are
 HY22SE 58.01 HY 26936 22606 Pillbox
HY22SE 58.02 HY 25948 22755 Cinema
HY22SE 58.03 HY 26223 22942 Control Tower
HY22SE 58.04 HY 26434 22458 Pillbox
HY22SE 58.05 HY 25922 23134 Bomb Store
HY22SE 58.06 HY 25820 22883 Buildings (Officer's Mess, Squash Court)
HY22SE 58.07 HY 25609 23019 Smithy; Buildings
HY22SE 58.08 c.HY 2469 2313 Gun emplacement
HY22SE 58.09 HY 27102 02351 Gun emplacement
HY22SE 58.10 HY 26907 22945 and HY 26861 22752 Aircraft Hangars

 (2)  Stained Glass :  Taken from inside St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall, this is the main window above the Altar.

 (3)  Goldfish :   entitled "Do you think the kids will be able to tell"

 (4)  Yarn:  the wool that I spun yesterday at my spinning class :)

 (5)  Playground equipment :  A tricky one as we have few playgrounds here, and I rarely go near one. so this is the trampoline which still has not be taken down since the boys were here in the summer.

 (6)  Library :  Our local library in Kirkwall (boring pic I know)

 (7)  A tombstone more than 100 years old :  Taken inside the cathedral, this is the tomb of one Barbara Irvine " one pious and virtuous woman" who died in 16th december 1682

 (8)  My Front door :  my grotty, still not been replaced since we moved in a year ago, actually an interior, completely rotten, front door.

 (9)  A reflective surface (not a mirror) :  The bell from HMS Royal Oak, who was sunk by German torpedo in Scapa flow on the 14 October 1939 costing 833 lives.

 (10)  Something out of place :  A Herse belonging to a friend of John's, currently residing on our garden. Hmmmm

 (11)  Nature :  One of my Hiacynths, which is still blooming and smells fab :)

(12)  Bubbles :  Bubbles caught in the glass stem of a candle stick I purchased in a charity shop.

Other blogs joining in the scavenger hunt are below :)


  1. I was just thinking, mmm what lovely thoughtful pictures, lol at the front door, not far off mine! then I saw the herse?????? I am still chuckling, I truly can not imagine seeing that every morning!! Imbolc blessings, hope the spring is now well and truly on its way!

  2. heehee :)

    thankyou liz, Imbolc blessings to you too :)

  3. Now that was clever, to make a goldfish out of a carrot. Wish I'd thought of that one! x

  4. cool photo's Mel! Freezing and blowing a hoolie here in Aberdeenshire too xx



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