Cable knit bangles

Hmmm I don't seem to have been keeping up with the blog very well the past couple of weeks have I, sometimes there is just too many things to be doing and making to be able to blog about them, so there will probably be a few catch up posts  over the next few days. better grab a cup of tea and a slice of homemade cake :)
One of the quick projects I've done recently was some cable knit bangles, i have some scraps of a jumper left over from making a cushion cover, and I hate to waste anything, so when i saw this on another blog i had to give it a go, bee trying to find the original post in my blog roll but can't find it right now, will add the link when I find it tho.
The lady on the original blog used old bangles, but I have used rings cut from an old stock tub.
Cut strips from an old jumper. this would probably work better with a lighter weight, close knit then I have used.
Glue gun it on, and voila :) instant woolly bangle :)


  1. these are fab Mel! well done love them.

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  3. Nice idea! Have not noticed previously such a nice knitted jewelry pieces!

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