We don't usually make a fuss in our house at valentines, in fact I would go so far as to say that I don't think we bother about it so much in the UK, reserving it to a day of maybe a card, and chocs if your lucky. Although one year I did receive a surprise Parcel from OH before we were living together, that I had to walk to the sorting office to fetch as he had sent me a bunch of Orchids :)
 I don't normally do any sort of decor for valentines either, but I have been tempted by one or two of the projects I have seen online, and made a small display on top of the jukebox.
Along with the pink paper hearts I made and popped in the old goldfish bowl a couple of weeks ago, I crocheted the lengh of heart bunting to drape on my vase of winter twigs, which is in residence for the winter.
The tutorial for which is at
I also managed to find an almost new cashmere sweater for John in the charity shop a few weeks ago for a cracking 50p !! so I put it away for valentines. 
 Along with a homemade valentines card which I made with a glue gunned (I love my glue gun) together scrappy heart and some printables from Vanessa at a fanciful twist 
 And popped all into a used gift bag from Christmas. Frugality at it's best :)

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