Spring has Sprung

It certainly feels like spring out there in the garden today. The snowdrops are finally fully open, and the crocus' are beginning to open too.
We have rather a short growing season up here in Orkney, although the weather tends to be milder than the rest of the UK during the winter months, the longer darker nights mean plants take longer to get started. Although the constant daylight of may and June make sure the plants catch up later in the summer.

 We also seem to get the April showers in February, the weather has warmed up and it is beautifully sunny out there, although the wind is strong as usual and bringing in the odd heavy shower today.
 I managed to get out in the garden for half an hour earlier between showers for a spot of gardening in the walled front garden, sheltered form the wind. just tidying up the dead foliage on some of the perennials and planting a few late bulbs I had forgot to put out and were sprouting in their bags, hopefully they will still come up. And also planting out the spent hyacinth bulbs at the back of the bed, if they come up next year great, if not they will rot down in the ground, certainly better than just throwing them in the bin :)

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