New Skylights

Thankfully the weather this weekend was perfect for installing the new skylights we bought for the loft, I always feel sorry for the postie when we order things like windows and radiators from screwfix as the postman has to deliver them in the back of his little van, it was very funny when the new hot water tank was ordered.
Anyway John spent most of the weekend on the roof removing slates and these old rusted steel framed windows. We now have three nice new double glazed windows in the roof for when the loft is used as spare rooms. Give john a Gold Star.


  1. Wow! John was able to fix all three skylights without any problems at all! How are your skylights now? Still doing great? I think it would be great if you hang some trinkets on that skylight to give some life to it.

  2. Did you refurbish the skylights? The old one looks like it has witnessed numerous winters and storms. How are they looking on your loft? I hope everything's great! From afar, all the skylights look great!



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