wedding dress peek and roundup

I have been super bad at posting on my blog lately, i think it is as i am so tired at the end of the day that i simply cant be bothered, plus my days seem to have very little to blog about, so i have decided to try blogging in the mornings even if it is about the day previous, before the work begins.

I have been working my little socks off the past couple of weeks, making wedding plans, painting the bathroom, gardening, and making a trial run wedding dress, to name but a few things, here is a sneaky peek at my dress (not the finished article i might add) made from a duvet cover as a trial run, very pleased with it but still waiting for the fabric i have ordered off ebay to arrive to make the real one.

well must get on, should finish the bathroom painting today, just need john to fit the new toilet seat tomorrow and its done (not that i cant fit a toilet seat, i can, i have before, but is a gross job, so he can do it lol)

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  1. That really looks lovely - you have been a busy girl. Hope the wedding is a day to remember forever and full of joy.

    Take care





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