An Anouncement

It has been a bit of a mad couple of weeks here, finally John and I have set a date for the wedding after being engaged for over a year now :)
We have decided to get married in May. Yes you read that right, thats just 6 weeks to plan, organise and decorate everything lol.
I need to make my dress, prepare all the food, do all the decs etc, and on top of all that we are being married in our garden! so I need to have a mad dash on doing all those finishing off jobs in the house :)
Well I do work well under pressure lol


  1. What a lovely time of year to get married! 6 weeks is not long at all, but maybe it will give you less time to get stressed with the preparations! When I got married we had only met in the January and we got married at the beginning of September. It was hard work getting everything planned and prepared, but a lot of fun too! I hope you too have a lot of fun preparing and I look forward to seeing the pictures. I am sure it will be a beautiful day!

  2. Congratulations!! Great to meet another uk reader!

  3. Oh lovely, well fingers crossed that this lovely spring weather is still around come the happy day. Looking forward to hearing your plans and peeking at pics. Best of luck xxx



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