1st Harvest at Lammas

Well seasons turn again and after having spent two weeks down south on the mainland at mum's, I arrived home to find the garden like a jungle, hey ho at least it hadn't turned into a desert.
Only a few days since the celebration of Lammas (or Lughnasadh) and the first harvesting is commencing. We haven't really been growing veg on a serious scale this year due to some much work being done on the cottage itself, but I have been using up my old seeds and getting some crops for free.
The raspberries, which grow everywhere in the garden due to them sowing themselves over the last decade, are producing a bumper crop. There are blackcurrants almost ready to pick, and a few gooseberries which have survived the sawfly attack.
Yesterday we harvested some of the veg for dinner, including carrots, turnip, peas and new potatoes. Also picked were some Edzel blue potatoes, radishes, shallots and also some radish seed pods from the radishes that had bolted, these are fab to snack on.
This year has given us a feel for how things grow up here, so that next year fingers crossed we shall be almost self sufficient in veg

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