Christmas Is coming !!

Finally I am feeling justified in beginning decorating for christmas :)
Up here in Orkney you are pretty limited to where you buy your tree. Last year the trees arrived on the islands 3 weeks before Xmas which we thought was too early to get our tree, consequently when we went back the following weekend they were almost all gone. This year we will be getting our tree the Saturday they arrive which is next weekend !! 4weeks before Xmas !! we may need to store the tree in a bucket outside for a few days at least, as we are supposed to be going to hopefully buy a carpet this weekend and laying it in the front room :) Anyway here are some pics of the fab Xmas display they have upstairs in shearers each year, it feels very festive up there with lots of fab goodies, and old paraphernalia.


  1. Have been reading (honest!) but lurking (booo... lol) and decided to get a comment posted :-))

    The display looks lovely, but what is shearers?

  2. Hi kadeeae :)

    Williasm Shearer's is a store in town that makes you feel like you stepped back in time. still family run since the year dot, and sells everything from wheat free pasta to cast iron fire grates :) You can pick your xmas tree up there, buy caustic soda for soap making, and order sack loads of seeds to plant your fields of crops lol.

    every xmas the do this display upsairs of xmas goodies along side old relics and a real burning open fire (no fire guard), which is why the pics look a little smokey :)

  3. Ooo....sounds a lovely place, and apparently one of those shops that "if they don't have it, you don't need it" lol

    Wonderful place :))



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