strawberries & raspberries

busy busy busy here at the cottage the past few weeks. John's been working hard getting the spare room plastered ready for me to decorate. We have visitors coming soon and i wanted to have a nice place to land.
Consequently I have spentthe best part of the last couple of weeks in the attic. Heehee everytime I use the word attic instead of loft I end up with this song running round my head.

After getting the lining papering finished at the weekend I began the painting today, so between coats i'm sitting here munching on strawberries dipped in vanilla sugar, yumm. definately an out of season extravegance. But all being well in a few months time we will once again enjoying our own raspberries.

Until then I will enjoy my strawberries, and enjoy raspberry jam on scones :)

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  1. Maybe you would like to paint my living room/diningroom/hall as it is a big room with double height ceiling!!!!! Ha. No, I don't fancy doing it either but I can't contemplate getting in a decorator it would cost a fortune. One thing though I will need someone holding the ladder when I do the top bit as last time I had a carpet but now I have a slippery laminate floor.

    I'm sure your visitors will love it.



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