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Finally a chance to get on the blog! Since I came back from holiday, I have been completely buzzing, new projects, new ideas, and actually getting on with them too. I'm convinced it was the vitamin D top up after a week in the sun, although it is now rather cold here at home, forecast for today and the rest of the week is highs of 13c, brrrr.
So lots of posts of projects completed and currently in progress to come, but firstly.......
Shortly before I went on holiday it was John's birthday which happened to coincide with the jubilee weekend, so I made him a union flag cake. Truthfully I'm just pleased I got to use this recipe that I have had my eye on for ages. It came from out of one of my Ina Garten recipe books and is an American flag using blueberries, raspberries and cream cheese frosting,yumm. Switcharoo round the berries and you have a jubilee cake, yeay ! You can find the recipe here, although I halved it and it was still huge :)
Lots to do still today, I have a Halloween wreath frame to make from garden twigs, then it needs spraying up. Yes I am already making autumn and Halloween decor stuff, I love autumn, and the cold weather the UK is having is convincing me we skipped summer, the fire on in the evenings is also making me feel all cosy wintery too which reminds me I need to crack on with gift making for the big C but want to get all autumn stuff finished first. Right time to don the wellies !

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  1. That is one beautiful cake....shame to eat it really.
    Jane x



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