Black Cats and Spooky Parties

Can you believe we are already in the last full week of October,
 even the clocks go back on saturday meaning it
 will be dark here well before 6pm,winter is fast approaching !
With Halloween only next week the seasonal decorations have been 
changed around yet again. Mantles are covered with black and orange candles, 
dried seed heads and fir cones cover even more surfaces than usual, 
and pumpkins, real and crafted, are multiplying like rabbits!
One of my new items for this year is these cushion covers 
 made out of stuff from the stash. 
Some old crushed velvet, a few odd buttons, 
a scrap end of yarn and voila, black cat covers !!

Oh ! Also, if you look in my right-hand bar you will see a blog button 
linking to an annual Halloween party I am taking part in on Saturday, 
can't wait, you can find more details at: A Fanciful Twist

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