Aaaaaand...She's Back !!!!

So how do you start a blog post when you haven't blogger in months?
 No idea, but here I am. I could apologise for being soooo busy the last few weeks,
or blame it all on the Christmas season, 
but as I am always busy this wouldn't be honest at all.
Truth is I have been having a blogging identity crisis, sort of. 
I read a lot of other people's blogs (the easiest route to blogging inadequacy), 
and was confused as to where I wanted this blog to go and what to post about. 
Do I post more about my pagan stuff and risk upsetting my non pagan followers,
 or post more home and craft stuff and put off other viewers. And so on.
 Fear leaves you stuck completely.
I had forgotten the reason for my blogging to begin with,
 to show my life in all it's mixed higgldy piggldy glory !! 
just put it all out there for all to see, heehee :) 
So as you can see I am back !!!! warts and all ;-)


  1. Mel I don't mind what you blog about, it is just lovely to know you are ok :)
    Take care xx

  2. Hooray!!
    Nice to see you here,Mel

  3. I'm Christian/Jewish/Pagan/Vegan...I'd love to hear more...about's what makes people interesting.
    Jane x
    PS Combining wassailing with smudging next weekend...and you think you are confused!

  4. Nice to see you back. Understand completely about the blogging identity crisis.

  5. I think part of the reason for a blogging crisis can be that we move on. Do we change our blog as we move, stick with what it was in the beginning or give up. Only each one of us can answer that. Blog if you want to, don't if you don't. I blog so my son can see what we are up to. I know he reads it so I feel it is a direct connection between us. He is now leading his own life and we miss him. Knowing he reads my ramblings helps with that sense of loss. I called my blog Frugal in Norfolk as at the time I had no idea what to call it. Now I think it would be better being re-titled but don't know what. Ah well. Onwards and upwards.

  6. Followed over here after a mention of you on Scarlet's blog - and yes, another here who can identify with the blogging identity crisis! My answer would be that I blog for myself first and foremost - if others want to read my ramblings them that's lovely, but if they didn't, I'd still write fact, for a good while, they didn't, and I still did.....I think. Bottom line - write about whatever *you* want to, and hang those who aren't happy with that!

  7. I did wonder where you were. I'm not 'anything', have a best friend who is Pagan, so I find it fascinating, also love your crafts. Just keep doin' it, whichever way you want.

    Would love to see some of your work, spinning crochet etc.

  8. I say just be your gorgeous, authentic self. Those who want to shall stay and appreciate your open heart. Thankyou for coming by to say hello. Happy New Year to you, my friend x

  9. It's your blog my lovely, just write about what you love :-D

  10. agree with kath mel, whatever takes your fancy!

    Leanne x

  11. Mel, you should post about you, your life and whatever you feel you would like to archive in print.

    I, too, worry about what people must think when they read my blog, but it is MY blog and I write whatever is going on in my head at the time.

    Be honest, truthful and yourself and you can't go wrong....

    C x x

  12. Oh, and apologies for the toast crumbs..... ;0)



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