First Pattern Sneaky Peak

Finally the stormy winds have died down up here in the isles, 
it starts to drive you a little crazy after a time, which is the only excuse I can think of as to why I have suddenly become an exercise addict (very odd for me but there you go). 

Don't worry I won't bore you all with my tales of half killing myself jumping about in front of the computer lol. And besides I'll probably get bored soon and move onto some other latest obsession I'm kind of like that I think it is one of the reasons I have to have lots of little interests.

In other news I am working on my first crochet patterns, yeay !! really enjoying the process of creating something completely new, it also appeals to my logical brain puzzling it out. I won't tell you just yet what it is I am working on but the above pic of the yarn colours I am using may give you a hint (or may not lol).


  1. No idea! But the colours are gorgeous together.
    Jane x

  2. Is it a liqourice allsort? :-)
    alice x

  3. MMM my dear!! Did you ever receive the hand painted with crocheted edge brooch that I sent to you (many moons ago)?? I am ever so curious as to whether you like it or not.. Well, I guess if you didn't like it, you would not say it as much as if you did. But did you receive it? Talk soon, hugs, Norma, x

  4. Ooo I'm intrigued. Those colours are gorgeous.

  5. Hey that would be fab Alice, but no it's not a liquorice allsort :)

    Yes Norma it did!! and I love it, everytime I go to get something from my jewelry box I think I must remember and I am so sorry I haven't got in touch earlier, it has been a fraught few months here, but back on track now :)

    In fact you have insired me to start doing a few giveaways myself, never done one before, should be really fun :)



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