Of dresses and kitty cats

 It's been a mixed and busy sort of week so far, trying to fit in some crafting time around getting my first crochet tutorial ready to publish. (fingers crossed this will be tomorrow, eeek)
 I'm attempting to make some sort of house dresses using an old 70's pattern and some fabric from the stash, something which doesn't matter if they get muck on them. It's always dressing up day in this house :)
 I've also been trying to make time amongst photos and typing, to read some of my new treat, a book that has been on my wishlist for a long time now, and with a new addition out recently. It's an American book, so contact for supplies are over the water, but it covers everything you could possibly want know about running a homestead, from canning to giving birth on your own!!

Right off for a quick shower and to settle in for the evening with himself and a dvd, neither of us seem to be able to catch up on our sleep since the clocks went forward, so not too late a night. Evening all :)


  1. Hi Marvellous Mad Madam Mel!!! I am wondering if you received and if you liked the crocheted brooch that I sent to you for your win. I am so worried that somebody else nipped it somewhere as I haven't heard from you that you did receive it. Can you let me know? Thanks, Norma, x

  2. Mel! Don't give birth on your own! I have a stick you can bite on!

  3. That's a nice dress pattern. Funnily enough I was thinking of sewing too.

    I've had the idea of cutting up old thin scarves and knitting them into ????? maybe a top? I've cast on and have knitted 3 rows - and that's one scarf.



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