Is it too soon to use the C word?

I do realise there are still several weeks till the the big day, I'm also well aware that we are not even up to Halloween yet, but I can't get away from the fact that some preparations just can not wait.

One of the traditions in our house is the Christmas cakes being made in October, giving them plenty of time to mature before the end of December.
I used to hate Christmas cake, don't really like fruit cake generally actually, but since making my own the way I like it I love it, or rather I love my recipe :)

I now make two cakes one to be topped with marzipan and icing, the other to gave a glazed nut topping, mmmmm.
Good job I make two as last year I managed to drop one which proceed to roll along the ground grrr.

Also no need to make mincemeat this year as there is plenty left from last year, and I'm not bothering with Christmas pud.

Ahhhh the holiday season :)

(today's blogging soundtrack- rocky horror picture show) really festive, Ha.


  1. Yum Christmas cake, I too usually make mine in October :) just wanted to say a big thanks for the fab fox tutorial, cant wait to wear it. You have a great blog, thanks for sharing



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