A Year of Great Change

The past few years have felt as though we are constantly creating change in our life and lifestyle, purchasing the smallholding, moving 600 miles away, moving to an island, renovations on the cottage, getting married, in some ways it has felt a bit of a whirl and has certainly flown by.

This year appears to be heralding yet more big changes for us with the first being the final phase of the renovation. Last week we finally submitted planning permission for the conversion of the barns, but after having no kitchen for over five years I find myself wanting to hold back on actually getting started.

It feels too big and overwhelming a project, scary unknown territory and the unknown element of not knowing how much the job is going to cost due to doing the work ourselves.

It is easy to fall into the trap of putting up with how things are even if they are not perfect, and then holding back, resisting jumping into the scary unknown.

But change is inevitable, we cannot stagnate or we risk going through the motions in our lives.

So we pause.......  breathe...... and then we jump.

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