A busy Summer

It's been a busy few months. I have been keeping my head down in webland, and I think part of the reason has been my face lol. 
Actually I'm only part joking, earlier in the year I had to have an operation on my nose. Basel cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer, needed to be removed and a large skin graft done. It has made me self conscious, and less confident in my internet and real life, but I am progressing and getting better. 

It has also been a very busy summer spending a whole month away from the island off on holibobs.

First several weeks with my 2 sons visiting various family members and sight seeing in my place of origin, the North East of England.

Following this I spent an amazing week in Glastonbury at the Goddess Conference which I will blog more about later.

Since coming back home I have been gently easing back into country life again and I have been inspired to get back on my spinning wheel again after buying some beautiful roving from a village event called 'Wool in Wooler' can't wait to see how the finished yarn knits or crochet up!

Of course they will need to wait till I get back home as I am typing this from the waiting room in the hospital waiting to go to theatre again, this time to have my gall bladder removed, they keep chopping bits off and out of me !!! 😝


  1. Well names sake (Mel) sorry to read of your nose problem and trust that you will wear your badge of honour the scar with pride.

    Your mention of Glastonbury is a place that I know well. The Goddess Conference not so well however, my better half certainly does and her
    painting of The Cailleach was on the cover of this years conference.
    see her blog http://theeverlivingones.blogspot.ie

    Lastly Welcome back to blogging for your presence has been missed.

  2. I'm sorry you've had such health problems and hope everything goes well with this next surgery. That yarn looks so beautiful!

  3. Thank you both I am on the mend now xx

    Your partner is very talented, I thought her painting on the cover art was stunning :)



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