Not All Rural Life is Rosy

This week has in part been one of those where as a blogger we gloss over the shittier parts of smallholding which usually only shows the quainter aspects like raising baby chicks and pulling home-grown carrots. 
Now dont get me wrong there has been plenty of the nicer stuff like a light dusting of snow and calm sunny cold winter mornings, but I'm not gonna lie, there is plenty of crap mixed in with it, and I mean that literally.

For instance one of our cockerels doesn't like me so chicken chores have to be done with a shovel in one hand in case he attacks me (never bothers hubby though). We also have a duck separated at the moment as she has problems oiling her own feathers and gets soaked andcold in bad weather, add to that our 2 young Buff Orpington cockerels don't seem to realise she is a duck and keep... well umm... 'pouncing' on her!

To top all this off we have had the drains backing up and a toilet that would not go down, resulting in fishing around in the septic tank, digging up sewage pipes and too much time spent with arms down toilets, wonderful. 
Thankfully we did not need to remove the toilet, I was having an anxiety attack envisioning removing said toilet and ruining the bathroom floor and waste water to clean up everywhere in one of the few finished rooms in the house.

Of course now I can't get the scene out my head from Christmas Vacation with cousin Eddie emptying his chemical toilet into the drains, shouting to all who will listen 
"Shitter full !! "

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