Cat Baskets

Just a quick post as I have already spent far too long on this computer today, as per usual.
I finally got around to finishing the second of two cat baskets I was sewing for my two snuggle puss cats, Poppy & Milly. Using fabric from a second hand duvet set I had bought, and sections cut off an old duvet from the stuffing round the sides. I also added a layer of old blanket between the base layers which the pattern hadn't called for, but I felt it needed.
 The pattern came from a book called Sewing in No Time by Emma Hardy 
 Also whilst trawling through some of my pics I found this one of a crocheted witch I made for a Halloween swap last year, isn't she cute :)


  1. What a great project, and I love that you upcycled the duvet to create such a nice bed for your cats.

  2. what a cute cat basket! I think I need to make one for my cat who likes to jump on my chair the second I get up!



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