The Wedding Pics

Hi everyone, I must be a terrible blogger, it has already been 3 weeks since the wedding and i am just now getting my backside in gear and posting a blogpost. I have no excuses other than chillin after the rush that was the planning and doing before the wedding.
So here we go with just a sneak peek at the photos that I have received so far, beginning with just before the ceremony in our garden. We are fortunate enough to live in Scotland where you can be Handfasted legally by a registered celebrant, eliminating the need for all that registry office boring bit :) The ceremony was conducted by our friend Helen who is the registered Scottish pagan federation celebrant for Orkney :-) BTW anyone can be handfasted up here so if you want her number give me and email :)
 After the ceremony everyone retired to the cottage for the homebrew (strong stuff is that dandelion wine) and food, during which we cut the cake :)
 To reveal the surprise rainbow interior, I think the cake got more pics taken than we did lol


  1. What a lovely day you must have had! Beautiful dress, and I love your hair, so simple but so pretty! Also loving your pretty room, gorgeous curtains and such pretty flowers! The cake is something else, how fab is that! Lots and lots of happy blessings to you both, I hope you have a wonderful life together! Liz x

  2. ♥ Congratulations to you both ♥

    What a wonderful celebration you must of had. Your dress looks stunning and the rainbow cake is fantastic. I recently spotted one on an american site and have just ordered the gel colourings, pop over here and discovered your wedding cake! Your's look fabulous. Much happiness to you both ♥ xxx ♥

  3. Ooohh lovely! I hope we are going to see more too. Sounds so much better than all the unnecessary stuff people have nowadays.



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