A quilt for autumn

Just killing time in the library while waiting to pass the shopping onto his nibs on the bus, then off to my meditation group for the evening.
It is absolutely freezing here in Orkney this week, winter has certainly arrived with bouts of hail and sleet already. I know we are forecast another bad winter here in the UK, but come on it is only October !

Still trying to draw out the Autumn season here for as long as possible (although secretly I can't get Christmas songs out my head most of the time), with the Halloween blog party coming up on Saturday, lots of preserve making and batch cooking and freezing for winter, but also with the completion finally of an autumn quilt for the lounge wall.

When we were south last month John treated me to some quilting fabric at a fab shop in Castle Douglas, most of the fabric is Red rooster fabrics I believe. Now I am not a big quilter, in fact this is only the second time I have made quilts so please don't look to closely at my corners.

We were in desperate need of some pictures for the rather large bare wall in the lounge. So instead of just buying what ever pictures we could find on Orkney simply to fit the space, we decided seasonal quilts are the way to go. We can switcheroo them round and can look forward to each one coming back out as the seasons change, and they mean something to us. Rather than some random print bought simply because it colour coordinates with the room.
Really pleased with the results, but patchwork is so blooming fiddly!

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  1. Great idea for the seasonal changes & superb job, a bit green w/envy here :)

  2. Do you mean that lovely crafty shop in Castle Douglas? I went there a few years ago and bought a few things. I could have bought half the shop, it was so lovely.

    Do like your quilt.

  3. thankx ladies :)

    campfire: it's a shop called the gem shop, it has art supplies downstairs with a small room off it with yarn, and then upsairs is all crystals, with a small room off with fabric and sewing supplies. I could spend hours brousing in there :)

  4. Spookiness abounds at your party !! Loved it !!



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