A Roof or a Colander ??

 Thank crunchy its Friday and the weekend starts.

This week has been one of getting back into a routine after john being off work for a fortnight and us off on our hols.

Of course our idea of having a holiday doesn't include two weeks in Spain, hell no, although we did head 'doon sooth' for a few days at mum's in dumfries, we spent most of our so called time off renewing the new sunlounge roof.

Last year John built a soundlounge to connect the cottage with the barns, ready for the barn conversion.

Unfortunately the plastic roof leaked like a sieve, was too hot in the summer, and freezing in the winter, in fact it was -4c in there over Christmas week.

Although this wouldn't normally be a problem, the room is currently serving as our temporary kitchen, not a fun place to cook Christmas dinner.

So most of last week was spent putting on a solid board and felt roof, even got me up there helping and I am not good with height, but needs must.

 This is the state the kitchen was in during the roof changing, yuk.  It decided to bucket down and everything got soaked. Of course the kitchen being a building site with bare barn walls, breeze blocks unrendered, and an old door as a worktop, doesn't really help.

The new roof is now leaking too, aaagggghhhh !!!

This weekend will be spent painting new roof with waterproofing stuff, not me though, oh no I've had enough, you'll find me in front of a log burner attempting to make a patchwork quilt.

I think I need a holiday :)


  1. Oh, you poor love...I hope you get that roof fixed, and take some time for yourself. By the way, the song Starlight on your ipod is really lovely, haven't heard of Charlotte Martin. Take care my friend x

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