new year new plans

Well another year, and a chance for fresh starts and fresh ideas for everyone.
Personally by the second of December i was already welcoming in the new year with plans for the cottage and the garden, as well as spiritual and personal plans for the year.
Already earth has been dug, and seeds are being ordered, we have grander ideas for our veg production this year, and perhaps even apple trees, not an easy task in our windy coastal climate, but I do have a cunning plan (feel free to insert Baldric accent with that last statement).

This is the year we also aim to get the roof done on the barns and hopefully move the kitchen into one of them and out of the leaky cold lean-to we are using at present, we can but hope there wont be another Christmas dinner cooked in freezing temperatures.

I have made a few promises to myself this year, a few health based, a few spiritual.

So here is to a fab year !!


  1. happy new yar Mel. good luck with the apple tree plans, oh,and the kitchen too! i wish you so much success!

    Leanne x



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