Well it's been a busy couple of weeks but now I am back home and cracking on with plans.
All seeds have now been ordered, both for the flower beds and the veggie plot, although I did forget to buy the garlic (oops), good job we had a bumper crop last year so I will attempt to grow from last years' harvest. Also because we have such a short growing season being so far north that a heated propagator is on the way. I will have chilli success !

Also have a look at this fab Niddynoddy! My wonderfully fab talented hubby is not afraid to try his hand at anything, and when a few months ago I told him I needed one for my spun yarns, and told him how much they cost, he had a look and proclaimed "I can make one of those" So off he went with a bit of old broom handle, came back in a while later with this, yeay !!

This is gonna get plenty of use as I have lots of fleece, including loads of North Ronaldsay our local rare breed sheep, ready to be spun up and put in my son to open Etsy store. Part of my financial plans to bring a few more pennies into the pot.

When I am not planting, digging, spinning, decorating or building, you are likely to find me meditating or dancing around the garden heeehee :)


  1. Er, what is a Niddy Noddy please? I know it is something to do with spinning but I'm not sure what.

  2. hi campfire :) a niddy noddy is what you use for winding the yarn you have spun onto when you wind it off the bobbin of the spinning wheel. On a standard size niddy noddy, one full wind (which is up and down twice) is roughly 2 yards. when you take the yarn off the niddy noddy you twist it onto itself and that is what is caled a skein of wool :)

  3. Oh dear, MMM, I've only just seen this! I haven't looked for a while. Thanks for that.

    I have a drop spindle which I bought off Ebay which apparently belonged to some keen male spinner, he died and this lady was selling his stuff. It is polished and very beautiful. However - I CAN'T B****Y use it!

  4. Quite impressive work and your husband is so handy for making that niddynoddy totally on his own. Wishing more luck to you and your new harvest. Hoping to see more progress soon.

  5. Gardening is one of the good hobbies. It gives you peace and refreshing feelings when you see your plants grow especially the flowers.



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