Chances to visit the Ring of Brodgar

Things have been fairly busy around here the past couple of weeks as we have had John's daughter staying with us for a bit of R&R. The weather in typical British style, turned cold, wet and windy for most of her stay, but we did managed to get out and about a bit when it brightened up.

It was feeezing up at the Ring of Brodgar on Monday, but the lighting was fantastic to photograph in.

 (mental note, taking photos with the sun shining in eyes, makes people squint)

 Every time I get chance to come up here it looks different,
with the undergrowth changing colour with the seasons.

I few more weeks and the heather will be a sea of purple.

The wind has died down this morning, and with it there is a hint of warmth in the sun when it breaks through the cloud (a shame as the step daughter left last night), and calling for me to work in the green house later this afternoon.

But first I have another tutorial to get typed up and posted.
I had better go make a large pot of tea, this could take some time.

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