This Year's Spring Lambs

It is always a joy when the farm next door lets the first of the lambs into the paddock behind us. They spend there first days here before being moved to the more open fields.
The fence is only a few feet from one of the lounge windows allowing you to get really close to them.

As much as I like the taste of meat, seeing the animals so closely does make you think twice.
Orkney produces fantastic meats and is sold locally in the butchers and restaurants, a lamb or a calf you have fawned over could in all likelihood end up on your plate in a few months.

I have attached a couple of short videos I took of the sweeties for you to fawn over too. enjoy !!


  1. fab little films mel, very cute! ( looks very blowy too!)
    Leanne x

  2. Awwww, love the two head butting in the first vid :)

  3. glad you both liked them :)
    I hadn't noticed the wind Leanne lol I guess you get used to there being some wind nearly all the time, I shall have to try and remember to video when it is really wind, it's scary stuff :)

  4. Love the lamb videos too. Love the 'lamb race' in the first one. I was walking around the coast of the Isle of Man a few years ago and came across some shearing and loved the way the sheep literall bounced up and down when their fleeces were taken off. Like taking all your clothes off and going in the gym.



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