Early February Thoughts

It has been a very snuggly sort of few weeks since the new year began, more so than usual anyway. The grotty weather we have been having here in the UK combined with that post Christmas lethargy has meant a lot of yarny projects by the fire whenever there has been a spare few minutes/hours.

Truth be told my days seem to blend into one, same chores and daily jobs, the never-ending job of polyfiller, sandpaper and paint which comes with renovating a property, settling in when john comes in from work to just flop in front of the fire to watch a DVD or something on the web (btw Sherlock was excellent in my opinion,and should be on every week).

I am starting to get new ideas for this year, new projects to start of the woolly kind, getting more rooms completed, and maybe finally having a real live kitchen (one can but dream).

Speaking of the cottage I am almost nearly there ready to say the bathroom is complete. One more week of DIY jobs, then just accessories and done ! It is our favorite room so far and has gone from freezing, to the warmest room in the house, I swear some days I'm tempted to take the kindle in there to read and thaw out.


  1. Congrats. on the bathroom Mad Madam!! If I were you I'd head right on in with the kindle. It's heartwarming literally to have one room (one spot so to speak) that is done and complete and concrete proof that you are making your house a home. *brava* Norma

  2. Thank you Norma :)
    You're right just having that one room done also helps as a reminder that we can do this, to keep pushing on through with a job as look what we can achieve :)

  3. Glory is fleeting, other then obscurity is forever.



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