The Family Knit and Natter

 Last year we (aka me, mum and sis) decided to start meeting up once a week for our own crafting bee. I don't drive and don't get out much so it makes for a nice social event at our place.
Truth be told we usually end up gossiping so much that not an awful lot of crafting gets done but it's good.
Mum usually gets set up on the wheel or carding, although today she was knitting too.
 Baby sis is usually knitting away on some commision or other for her Drifting Gipsy facebook page.
Last week she was working on a scarf for a friend, this week a pair of legwarmers for a member of her OU tutor group.

I'm still nibbling away at a hat I am knitting for myself, it is a slow going project which perhaps will be ready next winter.

But most of my time this last half of the week has been nursing this little one above. Poppy cat is under the weather right now, I think it's eating too many Orkney voles, but it is rather like having a newborn in the house again !!

In fact it is time for another feed before I get dinner on for John, so I will sign off for now but any positive thoughts sent this way for Poppy would be welcome, thank you x

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