The First Drop

It's turning out to be another one of those busy but not really busy sort of weeks. Seem to be on the go all the time, but nothing overly exciting happening.

We're plodding on with the renovation and today I managed to start hanging the wallpaper in the hallway at last, it is one of only two rooms we have done in the cottage which has a patterned paper for a feature wall, I wasn't sure how it would look not being a lover of plain walls but I think it will turn out just fine.

I'm thinking I may do a blog post on wallpaper hanging tips, I have done enough papering over the years you'd think I would be an expert, I can assure you I am not but there is some stuff I have learned over the years which could be helpful to someone else, could be fun :)

P.S. I couldn't resist posting another picture of the lambs in the paddock, they are just so darned cute!!


  1. Such pretty paper. We're painting and papering this weekend too. J's papering the toilet, and I'm painting outside - garden gate,garden wall, trellis, garage fascias and window - boring but necessary!

  2. Thank you Scarlet :) I know after a time no matter how much I used to enjoy all this DIY, it gets a bit boring after a time, just have to keep plodding onwards till one day its all done hopefully :)



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