May Day Blessings 2014

The brighter half of the year is here at last, time to take down the winter drapes and cover the beds with summer linens.

May day, or Beltane really does seem to make the beginning of the busy season on the smallholding, it is when foraging and harvesting really start for us.

The dandelions are in full bloom this week, encouraged out by some of the glorious weather we had at the weekend. They really are such a wonderful and useful flower it seems almost shameful to call them weeds, but I admit they are very rampant (appropriate for a festival season of fertility). I will be sharing some of my favorite uses for them very soon.

I even had some help for one of our two remaining chooks. The character above is the not so young anymore Scrit, and off camera is our rather old for an ex-battery hen Scruff, so named as she was such as mess when we got her 5 years ago, very old indeed for a hybrid.

They wont be alone for long though, the next couple of weeks are going to be crazy as we introduce nearly 2 dozen hens and ducks to our flock (I know seems very disproportionate). They needed a new home quickly and hubby volunteered us for the job as we were looking to expand anyway. I will post some piccies after the weekend :)

In the meantime I have some mead to set away before starting dinner so will leave you with a random photo, just because I like it :)


  1. Looking forward to photos of the new arrivals :)

  2. Annnd....can I just say, you take some really lovely photographs!

  3. agree, the photos are lovely! Good luck with the new hens Mel!

    Leanne x



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