Our Handfasting Anniversary - 3 Years and Counting

pagan handfasting cords
The past Four and a half years have gone so quickly since we moved here to the cottage, lots of changes endings and beginnings. One of those beginnings was the start of a new phase in mine and John's relationship when we (literally) tied the knot three years ago on our land with a Handfasting.

A small group of family and friends joined us for a quiet simple ceremony in the garden performed by friends of ours who are registered pagan celebrants, making the whole thing legal and without a separate registry office event.

This patch of land we are caretakers of already holds many memories for us, how many more will it hold in three, ten or twenty years from now?

Sometimes when the wind is howling around the roof, or when it's so cold you need to light the woodburner in august, moving to a warmer location feels a blissful daydream; but we are now bound to this land, it is a part of us as we are a part of it, together Handfasted.

pagan handfasting

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