Favourite Autumn Crochet Roundup

We are already more than half way through this autumn, but it is not too late to fit in some more Autumn crochet projects before the Winter season is upon us, in fact there is no reason why you couldn't make any of these as gifts too.

(Source: planetjune.com)
We start off with a fab pattern for little mini pumpkins.
Someone asked me about the pattern for the pumpkins you can see in my
Halloween tea party post,
well this is the one I used :)

(Source: etsy.com)
Gotta throw in my own contribution to autumn with my Fox Cowl pattern ;)

 (Source: freepatterns.com)
I've been meaning to make this cute little Halloween witch for a couple of years now.

(Source: redheart.com)
You can never have too many blankets in Autumn for snuggling under with hot chocolate and a book.

Pretty maple leaves could be sewn onto a slouchy hat or child's bonnet perhaps?

(Source: craftsy.com)
Although I'm not one for rainbow crochet, I think it works well with a neutral background like this.

(Source: craft-craft.net)
Little mini Autumn leaves could be made into a garland, or hung from twigs in a vase.

(Source: etsy.com)
If this owl rug was made with cotton yarn it would make a fab bath mat.

(Source: planetjune.com)
I really like these fir cones, will certainly be making some of these for myself.

And these oak and acorn sprigs are another project I definitely want to make for my autumn display.

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