Favourite Halloween Food Roundup

Much of today I'm going to be cooking up a storm making some of the goodies for the Halloween Witches tea party taking place this weekend, so whilst I wittle down the options of the treats to do I wanted to show some of my favourite recipe ideas my Autumn/Halloween Food Pinterest board.

(Source: delish.com)
First up is a fab layered pumpkin cake which John has specially requested I make this year, so I can add that onto today's to-do list. 

(Source: marthastewart.com)
This recipe for shrunken heads in cider punch has been on my pin board for ages, next year we would love to host a halloween party so maybe a time to try this out.

(Source: punchbowl.com)
Cupcakes are definitly on the list for the tea party, and these look fab :)

(Source: pastryaffair.com)
Or maybe flip them over and make Cauldron cakes? Now that's tempting !

(Source: howdoesshe.com)
Now here is a recipe I have tried and they are good, the only change I made was switching out the corn syrup for golden syrup as that is what we can get in the UK.

(Source: partytipz.com)
Now these are seriously easy but seriously look fab yet gross too !!!

(Source: epicureanmom.com)
I had planned on making cheesecake, so this would be a good option.

(Source: sunset.com)
And we have quite a glut of eggs right now since the oldest of this years' hatchlings have come into lay recently, so think I'm going to do this too :)

So does anyone else have some fab halloween food ideas I can try this year?

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  1. Those all look amazing. Although I don't think I could do the finger sandwiches. They look too real! See you at the party!



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