A Mad Tea Party 2012

Hi everyone, welcome to my 2012 Mad Tea Party !
Pull up a cushion, pour some tea and enjoy a fairy cake, whilst I tell my tale :)
 At the bottom of the garden where the fairy folk dwell, if you look carefully you may find magic happening.
What is this, something through the trees, something which isn't usually here....
 Look closer..... what is this bundle of twigs and cloth....
 A fairy gypsy tent perhaps......?
 Oh but what's this beside it? fizzy pop maybe? Elderberry wine perhaps?
 Drink me?
Oh I'm not so sure....Alice drank from a bottle marked "drink me" and looked what happened to her !
Hmm it doesn't smell like poison...Ok lets see what happens....
 Oh goodness I've shrunk !!  Ah but now I can see into the fairy tent !!
 And it looks like company is expected....
A tea party set out just for me and you :)
 Pull up a cushion and make yourself comfortable.
 Ooooh lavender and honey fairy cakes, don't mind if I do.
 Yummm, thank you very much.
 Help yourself to a cup of tea, you simply must have tea :)
 Oh! Tea leaves! do you suppose we could tell our future in them?
 Now lets see.... hhmmmm.....yes.... the red queen approaches
 I don't think she will be happy to see we have stole her fairy picnic !
 Perhaps if we eat one of these biscuits we will grow tall again?
 Here we go......
 Back to normal...I think.
 Hey Poppy! Did you see where the fairy tent and the red queen went?
 "What you talking about now, what tent,silly girl",  thought Poppy.
 I hope you enjoyed my Mad tea party, be sure to visit the other participants along with Vanessa at 


  1. OOoh someone else who give due honours to tea and cake!

  2. Ah, magic is in the air,enchantment is in the woods,and all is well in the fairy world!
    Jane x

  3. OMG I love your party, so charming yet uncluttered! The "Drink Me" pics gave me a shiver! I love the exotic touch, the soft colors and the lavish pillows (I also went with pillows this year).

  4. oh I love this! SO magical....felt like we did actually shrink down and step into the tent! Thanks for stopping by and having a cup of tea with me too!

  5. Oh what a beautiful tea party tent and those cakes really do look delicious! Thank you for letting me visit your Mad Tea Party, I have had a lovely time,
    Kiss Noises Linda

  6. A wonderful tea party! Honey and lavender tea cakes? My mouth is watering! Hope you can stop by my two parties!

  7. Hello! Such a lovely tea!
    Those cupcakes look so yummy..
    Great post!
    Besos from Argentina, Silvina (joining the mad party too!)

  8. those lavender and honey cakes sound glorious, well done you!

  9. I could spend all afternoon in your gypsy tea tent, it's so beautiful.

  10. Oops forgot to post the link to my party, please come over for a cuppa! x


  11. Oh what a wonderful fairy tent and the cakes and tea...just wonderful yes, indeed! We had such fun while visited with the fairies and enjoyed ourselves so it was hard to go! Thanks ever so much for inviting us and thank you for coming by my tea party - we did enjoy seeing you so!
    Mossberry Cottage at http://elisabetpollock.blogspot.com
    Beth P

  12. Thanks for the wonderful time! Would love to nap inside that fairy tent it looks so peaceful! do drop on over!


  13. Oh thank you very much for inviting me on your magical forest walk! I've never been to a fairy tent or tea party before. The fairy cakes and tea were delish!

  14. You have a tea party picnic! That is a freakin' awesome idea. I only have Sponge Bob themed bedsheets (for my 3y/o son, not me ^_^) so I am completely jealous of your fairy tent.
    You did a wonderful job!
    I'm partying on my blog, please stop by: http://katcanpaint.wordpress.com/2012/07/27/mad-tea-party-2012

  15. Dear Mad Madam Mel,

    I thoroughly enjoyed lounging around in your tea party tent, sipping your magical elixirs and tasting your sugary treats! Thank you for inviting me.


  16. Hi Mel,
    Loved your party! Please give my regards to Poppy.
    And thanks for stopping by my party earlier; so nice to see you.

  17. Ohhh how wonderful ...i love your Mad Tea Party...is look about lot of fun.
    Have a magical day

  18. Your party was a TREAT and Oh Ssoo Itty Bitty splendid! Thank You!
    Cheers, Kelly

  19. What a magical party!! Those treats look absolutely delicious! :) Thank you so much for inviting me to your tea party! ~Lauren

  20. What a gorgeous Mad Tea Party! Thank you for inviting me and thank you for coming to mine!!!! Enjoy the festivities!!!! :)

  21. the little tent is my favorite!

  22. What a cozy little nook with such lovely treats!

  23. What a delightfully mad tea party! I love the tent! The cakes and biscuits look delicious. Thanks for sharing! ~Michelle

  24. I enjoyed it very much! It was very magical! The cakes looked very yummy!

  25. Oh what a lovely little tea party you've found! And such yummy treats!~ :D

  26. Lovely Party Mel!!!

    Visit me too here: http://theenchantingworldofmiladyleela.blogspot.com/2012/07/time-for-tea.html

    Love the "Drink Me" bottle...so adorable!!!
    ~~Hugs, Dena

  27. Oh me oh my!! Your party is ever so lovely! And what a merry gypsy tent you have created!! And little magic bottles to swoon over as well!! Hooray! Thanks bunches for dropping into my little neck o the mad tea party woods, as well!!

  28. Part-time goddess? That is a full-time job *grins*

    Your "drink this" reminded me of the plum wine we have just bottled. My first attempt at wine-making.

    Thanks for popping in on my blog!


  29. I could definitely see myself spending the afternoon in that lovely tent. The pillows look so comfy and such beautiful colors. Now all I need is some of that potion so I can shrink myself in! Thanks for visiting me at my party.


  30. Oh how magical your party is. All the sweet treats to eat and the amazing tea to drink. Thank you for inviting me. If you havent please visit me:


  31. What a magical experience! I loved it! Thank you for inviting me!!! Also, thank you for visiting my tea party and giveaway! Best of luck to you

  32. Thanks for stopping by my party! And yours was way to cute! Especially that kitty! :)

  33. Wonderful tea party! Thanks for stopping by mine as well :)

  34. What a fantastic party! I so enjoyed my visit. Everything was so yummy and the setting was magical!
    I hope you can visit me: http://beneaththewitchesmoon.blogspot.com/2012/07/mad-tea-party.html

  35. Absolutely adorable Mad Tea Party! Loved the tiny tent and goodies inside! Absolutely spiffing!
    Wish I could come to England...one of my favorite places on earth!
    Do have a lovely weekend, my dear!
    Teresa in California
    And thank you for stopping by my Mad Tea Party earlier too!

  36. Such a comfy cozy tiny tent! Who would have thought it'd be so spacious inside? Thank you so much for inviting me by to share in the red queen's treats! :)

  37. There's nothing better than partying in a fairy tent! I have a feeling, though, that the cat may have snitched some of the cake. At least he saved me a bite.

  38. I've drank and eaten everything. I'm stuffed. I'm going to pet play with the cat!

  39. Love the tent! So fanciful and fun! Thank you for inviting me to your tea party!


  40. Ooooh the lavendar & honey fairy cake was delicious, thank you so much!

    Please visit our 'Mad' Hot-Air-Balloon adventure when you get the chance... http://aforestfrolic.typepad.com/a-forest-frolic/2012/07/mad-tea-party-adventure-2012.html

    Jamie :)

  41. Wait..you live in a place called...I mean, it's really called... Wow! I live just down the road from Bald Knob. How on earth do these names get about?

    Anyway, I love the picture of the stripy stocking in your blog title and your Drink Me bottle is one of the nicest I've seen. Thank you so much for inviting me, it's lovely out here (It's 109 deg F in Arkansas) and thank you for your sweet comment on my very first MTP.

  42. Just Awesome and magical and perfection!! I love it!!! Thank you for sharing and for totally outdoing yourself!! So wonderful!!

    Happy Mad Tea Partying!
    ♥ Vanessa {a fanciful twist}

  43. Such a cute idea...love your fairy tent and story. (Poppy reminded me of a certain Cheshire Cat)
    Thanks for popping over to my tiny Mad Tea Party, so glad you enjoyed yourself!

  44. Oh how wonderful the tinest of tinest of Mad Tea Parties. What a clever one you are and such a cute idea. Please pour me a cup of tea and pass me a sweet treat and I will tell you all about how mad everyone is. I have enjoyed your party and thanks for popping over. Kathy

  45. Oh, how clever and fun! LOVE the colorful 'tent' and comfy cusions. What a handsome feline, to be sure. Thx for visiting me. Happy Tea time!

  46. Thank you for having me over, even I was a little late-ish. I love your cat and was so glad you could read my tealeaves :) Please do visit my little feast xoxo Joyce

  47. Oh what a great idea to tell your fortune with tea - I wish I had thought of that!!

    Please do visit my party!!


    Lots of sugar and spice and everything nice.
    Queen Creative

  48. What a delicious looking tea party! Wonderful!

  49. What a splendid tea party! I would not have been able to resist drinking from that pretty bottle either. Thank you for inviting me and for visiting mine! : )

  50. Magical indeed. Loved the bottle of potion. Stormy


  51. A really lovely party, the cupcake looks delicious. Thankyou for the invite and for visiting me. xxx

  52. What a super sweet and cute Mad Tea Party! Thank you for providing such lovely treats! And thank you so much for visiting me at my party at The Tearoom!

    Wishing you a wonderful rest of your Mad Tea Party weekend!


  53. Dearest Mad Madam Mel,
    What a delightful tea party. I am so glad Poppy decided not to eat me in miniature form. The REd Queens tent was delightful and those honey cakes were devine.
    Thank you for inviting me in for a wonderfully Mad time, but let me go before the Red Queen finds me as well
    ***Please fall in for a Mad Spoonful of Tea over on The Other Side of Wonderland***
    Wishes and Whimsy
    Wendy from Wonderland


  54. WOW! That was fun.I adored the trip down into the tent.I'm so glad the Queen didn't catch us.Thank you Denise

  55. Oh, that was just adorable and fun! Thank you for taking me along on your trip. I want a fairy tent in my garden now too!

  56. I really felt as if we had shrunk and gone inside!

  57. I really enjoyed your adorable party--so sweet
    Thanks also for visiting with the gnomes
    Monica from Stampinmamas Place

  58. This romp was awesome, awesome, awesome!! Just so clever. I felt small in that tent. It was so clever. A real tickle. Thanks for putting this together for us all. It was just so fun. *smiles* Norma

  59. What a charming tea party! Thanks for inviting us along :)

  60. Isn't it fabulous to find a fairie tent in the back yard? Loved visiting your Mad Tea Party. Thanks for having me!

  61. A truly lovely tea party.I wish right about now to have one of those delicious looking lavender and honey faerie cakes.

  62. Such a fun party! I loved the tent and your cheshire is the cutest ever! Hope you join me at mine too!

  63. Mad Madam Mel?!? Who could possibly resist such a title? LOVE IT!!!
    Your party is so creative and imaginative. I enjoyed every bit, from the effects of the Elderberry wine providing a peek into that magical fairy gypsy tent to those scrumptious lavender and honey fairy cakes. And Poppy, tee-hee, too cute.
    Thank you for stopping by the shop.
    Wondrous wishes!

  64. such a craetive, magigical tea party.

  65. Lovely party! What an awesome tent. I'm actually a little confused at to whether it is small or big....which means you did your job! Hoorah!

    Poppy huh? Funny cause it looks like my cat who is also Poppy....Pop-Tart to be exact.


  66. You are so creative. I love your tea party out in the woods. you really did it up special!

  67. Thank you for a lovely and sneaky time...being sneaky makes everything more fun, don't you think?

    Please come visit my party :)


  68. A lovely party thank you! Sorry I am so late!

  69. I need a fairy tent of my very own! Filled with Lavender Honey cakes, too! And I love Poppy!! Too cute!
    Thank you for having me

  70. oh sweet everything could be... and fairy tent how enchanting...thank you so much for the treats & tea but most of all thank you soooo much for visiting me... have a honey of a day ~ may sweet things come your way! ;O) honeycombcottage2b.blogspot.com

  71. I just adore being transported from big to small and back again, don't you? It gives a person such a different perspective on life :) Happy Tea Partying!


  72. This is too cute! What a lovely fairy tent, and how lucky you came upon it! (Reading the tea leaves... genius!)

  73. YOU won the brooch giveaway on my blog Mad Madam!! Would you please email me? Talk soon, Norma, xo

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