Autumn Wreaths

Well that was a busy week, kicking off with the Mad Tea Party last weekend, which was great fun as always, although maybe I should have taken some behind the scenes photos so you could all see the dashing in and out between rain storms, putting up umbrellas in the fairy tent lol
Also welcome to my new blog followers too (waves) hello there :)
The last few days I've been limiting my internet time, after all the blog partying I was having technology overload so turned to a spot of autumn crafting. I know it is weeks away, but next week the boys arrive and I want to use my time with them well doing boy crafts and trips to the beach (weather permitting of course).
There have been several items in my autumn pinterest board that I have been itching to do, often things I couldn't afford/justify buying so decided to make my own. Autumn wreaths is one of these and most of the bits I needed I already had left over from other projects.
The top wreath I made using a willow ring I wove the first year we moved up with willow twigs from the garden, the autumn foliage I bought last year from the garden centre for an autumn mantelpiece display. All the fir cones, seed pods were from around the house, the only thing I bought was the wired hessian / burlap ribbon from ebay.
The second wreath I bought a base for and then spent a good couple of hours wrapping with some yarn from the stash, all the felt/fleece was left over scraps, buttons yarn and fir cones from around the house. I will hang both wreaths with the left over hessian ribbon later in the year.
I am looking forward to autumn this year as always, we may not get the coloured leaves due to the wind whipping them all off come September, but I love the cosiness of it all. Blankets, warm fires, apple pies, plum crumble, winter cushions, just so snuggly :)


  1. Lovely wreaths! I'm so looking forward to autumn as well!! I'm in the UK as well, but have only been here two years so I'm still adjusting to the weather, lol. I recently discovered your blog through the mad tea party and I look forward to seeing more of your creations :-)

  2. Thankyou Angela, I'm glad you like them:)
    Hope you are enjoying living in the UK, but admit the weather can be funny sometimes :)

  3. Those are amazing. I love autumnal colours - I think that's why I love my kitchen so much!

  4. I love your kitchen too Scarlet, I was showing hubby last week, I think he was suprised as he had visions of it looking like his parents kitchen back i the seventies when I had described it to him, but he did like it too :)



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